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Well, guess I am making the move too.  Since I am getting used to blogger and it does have a lot more features than lj.

I registered for Longhorn...yep, I did it!  After the ride today I figure I can meet the time constraints.  Really my only goals in any tri right now are finishing and not finishing last.  I do care about time, don't get me wrong...but I dont expect awesomeness.  I know with practice I will eventually get faster and what better practice than doing tris.  I'm so excited for it and I am going to train like crazy the next month with bricks and definitely working on the running.  I'm also going to master the swimming with a wetsuit.  I know a month isnt enough time, especially with tapering.

Lil P I hope you can get me faster before next month!
Woke up early again this morning for another ride out at Decker.  Got to put my computer to use!

I met Priscilla and some of her friends out there...cant remember all the names. 

We started out with intentions to ride out like 15 and back.  In our group it was Priscilla, Lori, Dee, Linda, and me (hope I got the names right).  Dee and Linda turned back and Lil P, Lori, and I kept going.  We intended on cutting the course and doing the 36 miles I did yesterday, but instead we decided to do the 56 miles.  We ended up getting lost a few times, stopped for a phone call, and I also fell on my bike because I was unstable when I unclipped and tipped over.  In doing that my chain ring slipped and it didnt want to cooperate so it took a few times to get it back on.  We did manage to cut the course by about 9 miles and it was still hell.

So, here are the stats from my handy computer:

Total miles:  47.54 (think we stopped riding at about 47.40 though)
Total time: 3:40:00
Average speed:  13.0
Max speed:  31.4

I'm going to love my little computer.  Thanks Lil P and Sabrina.  My favorite feature is cadence, but I didnt have it on that fx for most of the course because I was more interested in total mileage.

Now, I'm starving and waiting for aforementioned guest to wake up so I can go eat some food!!!  Almonds aren't cutting it.
Friday night I didn't get much sleep...maybe 2 hours if I was lucky.  I seem to have a trend going with only getting a few hours of sleep when I have to get up super early.  I have a guest staying for the weekend and he didn't get here til almost 1am.

So, barely wake up Sat am and get all of my garb loaded up to head out to Decker.  I met an awesome group that I am going to start doing workouts with on weekends and sometimes during the week.  Most of the group did the Longhorn course because a lot of them are either doing that or the Ironstar.  My group did 36 miles...think we had 5.  It was a nice cool morning..and stayed cool most of our ride.  Not sure how long it took us.  When we got back to the cars we did a 2 mile run and I am pretty sure that I ran my fastest mile ever... I think they said our miles were between 9-9:30.  I had to walk a little on the second mile because my blisters were a little irritated, but fine today.

One of the girls had a dead battery so by the time we tried to jump it, etc. the rest of the group was done and we went to Kerbey Lane to get some food.

After I went to BSS to have them check out my rim tape (they said it was fine) and I bought some tires that are supposed to almost guarantee that I won't get a flat.  They were $50 each!!  But, if you ask me I will save $$ in the long run because I have probably spent a lot more than $100 on tubes in the last few months.  I also had them put my computer on...so excited!
Call me slightly obsessed, but I still have been hard on myself about my times on Monday.  That is until I really started thinking about it and realized that I have improved.

I compared my times to Danskin back in June.  I know, I know...courses are different and can't really compare them side by side, but when I do it shows me how far I have really come.

Danskin- 750m swim: 33:14, 20k bike: 53:52 (13.3mph), 5k run: 38:46 (12:30 pace)
AT- 1500m swim: 40:01, 40k bike: 1:51:59 (13.3mph), 10k run: 1:17:07 (12:26 pace)

My swim time alone was enough for me to start taking a little bit of pride out of my first olympic experience.  Also, ironically averaged the same speed on my bike at both...and pretty sure I didnt have 2 flats at Danskin.  It just makes me feel better to look at the two and to see that I have improved in all 3 events in only 3 months.  I am not going to let it discourage me anymore...and with that I am going to drop my disappointment to the side and go on with my head held high.  I do have to remember that I just started doing this and I cant expect to be awesome overnight.  Its just hard to not try to be when the caliber of athletes that I socialize with are training for an IM.  I know my run can use a lot more improvement, but I am actually somewhat satisfied with the improvement of my swim and bike over the last few months.
What is the fastest way to get rid of blisters?  I have the worst blisters ever on my left foot...for whatever reason the right isnt as bad.  It takes 4 bandaids to cover them just on the left foot and I have to keep them covered at least while I am wearing shoes because it is impossible to wear shoes without them covered.  It looks nasty!  Wish I would have asked others opinions on the whole "not wearing socks while running" theory.  It wouldnt have taken me but an extra minute maybe to put on my freakin socks before my run...I did consider it, but thought I couldnt waste anymore time and it seemed logical since I had already lost 30-45 minutes on the bike.  I'm just hoping to get rid of them soon so that I can do some running or anything weight bearing.

I have happy hour with the rogue girls tonight...kinda our goodbye.  Our group ended 8/24, but they wanted to wait to meet up for hh until after the Austin Tri since there were 5 of us doing the olympic distance.  It's kinda sad...not only that I wont be meeting with them 3-4x a week, but I also dont know what to do now.  There are a lot of different options out there...and I am too freakin indecisive to make a decision, especially one this important.  Right now it looks like I might be doing the pre-masters swim program through Rogue that is 9.8-10.19.  If I do that it is MW from 630-730...and after that is over maybe doing Stroke and Efficiency with T3 from 10.20-11.26.  But I also want to train for either a 1/2 marathon or marathon (possibly)...and there are a bunch of different cycling clinics out there that I have looked at...What do I do?!!!!  I know that I can do more than one thing at a time, but with my traveling I dont want to bite off more than I can chew as far as scheduled workouts.  I want to do whatever I sign up for right this time and make every meeting...and not just half.

Back to work this week.  I havent been in the office since 8/21.  Kinda weird to be back, wish I was still on the road or out on training visits.  I do not have anything to do...I have already got everything caught up and finished the report from my training visit yesterday and its not even noon!  Just glad its hump day!!! 
This weekend was pretty much a whirlwind.  My friends Missy and Sarah came for the weekend and probably wasnt the best timing considering my attempt at my first olympic tri was as the end of their stay.

Friday I came back from Philly.  My flight was supposed to get in at 445, but missed my connection in Houston due to the hour delay leaving Philly and got on the 600 flight that got into Austin at 7.  Originally they had me confirmed for the 855 flight but good thing I was traveling with my boss that thought to call our travel agent as we were getting in to the gate. 

Got in to Austin and Missy and Sarah picked me up and thank god they were tired too so we just went to BJ's for dinner and drinks and went home and got some z's. 

I woke up Saturday at 730...I must have still been on Eastern time.  I decided to go ahead and get my run in so did 6 miles and came back and showered.  Missy and Sarah finally got up around 11 and we decided to lay out at the pool.  I took them to my gym's pool of all places.  It was fun.  I was able to dip in occasionally and get a few laps in and then lay out more.  After the pool we just went back to my place and they took naps while I took my bike to REI for them to replace the rim tape...this was a HUGE mistake I later found out. 

At 7 we met Priscilla, Sabrina and Sam and their friend Stephanie for dinner at Satellite.  Ate lots, drank lots...it was great.  After dinner Sarah, Hoop and I went dowtown.  We walked all over and couldnt really decide where to go and the places we did decide on had cover so we would just move on to somewhere else.  I pointed out lots of suggestions of places that I have been and liked, but didnt seem to please them so we only went into two bars and one was only for a couple seconds.  The second bar we actually stayed in for maybe 30 minutes...enough time for one drink.  After that we just went home.

On Sunday Sarah and Missy actually woke up at a decent time and we went to brunch at Serrano's.  After brunch they napped and I went to packet pickup/bike check-in for Austin Tri with Sabrina.  We took our time at the expo and also went by Austin Tri-cyclist.  I got back to my apt around 5 and they had only been awake for maybe 30 minutes.  We loaded up and headed for the Galleria so we could go to Anne Taylor Loft.  That was one of Missy's only request...so I made sure to get there with enough time to look around.  I ended up splurging and getting a couple shirts, black pants, and a pair of jeans.  By that time I was starving since the last time I ate was brunch so we headed to Magnolia and ate before going downtown to batfest.  We werent able to see the bats...guess the music scared them off or something.  We stayed out way too late.  By the time I got home and made sure all of my stuff was together for the tri it was 12.  I attempted sleep, but failed miserably.  I think I maybe got 2 hours of sleep in last night...and 5am came way too early. 

I finally woke up at 5 this morning and called Sabrina around 530 because she said she would take me to the tri so I wouldnt stress out being there for so long by myself.  I was having major anxiety about the swim last night and this morning.  I tried visualizing the lake as pool lanes and thought it might help.  I had several anxiety attacks last night and wished that it was okay to have a drink or two. 

So, now the fun part...Sabrina and I watched the waves go into the lake before me and it was a little overwhelming to see how far out the buoys were!  Before Sabrina got back from parking the car I was walking around and had to stay away from the water.  I finally decided to face it because I knew I would have to sooner or later.

Priscilla got there right before my wave took off so she was able to see and take pictures of my pink penis head.  I got into the water and it wasnt that bad.  My wave was pretty small it wasnt too overwhelming.  At the start I did freestyle.  After a while I found myself tarzaning it again.  Then I tried some more freestyle.  It was crazy because I could see the bottom and that made me feel a little bit better.  The buoys were coming faster than I had anticipated and at the half way point I thought I was making pretty good time.  I was getting tired at the turn around point and was very thirsty.  I just kept alternating tarzan and freestyle and before I knew it I was getting closer to the finish.

Official swim time (1500m):  40:01

Getting out of the water I was very dizzy.  Never been that dizzy before getting out of the water, but the furtherst I have swam open water was 750m.  I ran part of the way to transition and then had to slow it down to kinda shake my dizziness out of my head.  I finally get to my area and dry my feet off without much success and slip on the cycling shoes, helmet and gloves and get my bike out on the course.

Official T1 time:  4:59

We had to do 3 loops of the bike course and the course looked fairly flat and easy.  I was getting a lot of momentum at the beginning and passing a lot of people, but I could tell almost from the start that there was something wrong with my bike.  The front wheel was making a weird noise and felt kinda sluggish.  I wasnt even done with the first loop and my tire blew.  Luckily one of the bike volunteers was close by and came almost immediately to start changing it.  She got my tube on and a guy volunteer came up and took it from her and started over with it.  I probably was only delayed 5 minutes because they were pretty fast.  I got back on my bike and started back on the course, but as I took off I heard stuff falling and looked back and all of my bike tools feel out of my back pouch because I left it unzipped.  NOT good. 

I finished the first loop and started the second.  I was close to being done with the second loop and I got another flat.  Of course now I do not have tools and do not have another tube.  I got off my bike and started running with it...no volunteers in site.  I ran with my bike for at least a 1/2 mile.  I saw some guys that were holding the flags on the course and told them I needed help with my flat and he said he would send someone my way.

I kept running with my bike and a girl stopped and gave me a tube and a CO2 cartridge.  I started trying to take off my tube even though I didnt have a lever and knew I was just wasting time.  Another girl came up and tried to help, but she had everything in her kit but a tire lever.  Finally a bike volunteer showed up and changed my flat right away, but discovered I need a new tire.  YAY!  He finally got it on and I finished the 2nd loop.

On the 3rd loop I was almost the only bike on the course..it was discouraging.  I was anticipating the third flat since things go in threes, but luckily I finished without a third! 

Official bike time (40k):  1:51:59

When I saw the dismount line I was almost in tears because I was just so glad to be off the bike for once.  Usually thats my favorite thing to do, but the chance of getting another flat without anything to change it with was stressing me out.  I hurried to transition got some gatorade and changed into my running shoes and took off on the run.

Official T2 time:  3:13

The run was freakin hot by the time I was out there.  I tried to keep a good pace, but kept slowing down because I was so thirsty and hot.  The run course was 2 laps and the first one took forever.  I ran without socks under advisement from my coaches which was a bad idea because after a while I could feel the blisters already forming.  On the second lap of the course I was so exhausted and just wanted to finish.  Most of the people had finished when I was on my 2nd lap...there were still a lot running when I was on my first lap.  It is hard to race when you have nothing to race against.  It was at least a little reassuring to me that on my last bike lap and run lap nobody passed me, but I passed people and I saw people behind me.  I was close to being done with the run but just didnt think I could do anymore and felt very nauseated from the heat and had a migraine starting to form.  Priscilla and Sabrina were on the side and Priscilla started running with me.  She kept me going for most of it, but I still had to walk it out occasionally.  I was approaching the 4 hour mark and my goal started out to be 3 or 3 1/2 hours depending on how I was doing...I didnt have anything to go off of here except approximations!  I decided I had to be under 4 hours so I picked up the pace and ran it in as fast as I could.

Official run time (10k): 1:17:07

Official Time:  3:57:23

I got it below the 4 hour mark...just sucks that I wasnt able to reach the 3 1/2 goal that I had set for myself.  I wonder how I would have done if it werent for the flats.  I'm just glad its over and hopefully the next olympic or whatever distance tri I do I can refrain from getting a flat!  Surely 2 flats in one tri is enough to last me...and wont get anymore for a while, right?

After the tri I went home and showered and met Priscilla, Sabrina, and Sam at Chuy's for lunch.  I think thats going to be my favorite place to go for the post-race munching.  After lunch I went home and as tired as I was I had to do some cleaning.  I couldnt take a nap with my apt looking the way it looked.  I finally got about an hour nap and woke up starving again and went to smoothie king to get a chocolate slim and trim and pei wei for mongolian chicken...my favorite.  I got full really fast and probably only finished half of it.  Now I am trying to finish up laundry so I can get to bed.  I have a co-monitoring visit with Sam in San Antonio tomorrow.  Only 2 more co-visits until I am out on my own!!!! I'm way excited.  Ready for a project of my own as well as a pay increase! 
A lot has happened since last post...and nothing at all has happened.  

Current mood:  stressed, exhausted, and still a little under the weather.  

Current location:  Berwyn, PA (basically Philly) and partly the reason for current mood.

I have been sick since last Thursday and think I was working on the virus for a few days before it showed its ugly little head.  I previously mentioned said nastiness in a few posts.  I took my meds as soon as I got them Friday hoping the sooner the better for a speedy recovery.  I felt a lot better Saturday but didnt do anything on my training schedule...instead I opted for my own training schedule and laid on the couch watching movies all day and went to bed early.  I still planned on doing Sweet & Twisted because I felt significantly better, but needed to feel a lot better to be able to survive any of the tri.

I woke up bright and early Sunday, probably 5am, and felt a lot better.  I still felt a little drained, but good enough to attempt my practice tri.  So I went for Sweet & Twisted, but I didn't show up.  I hurried around and got my stuff loaded in my car and picked up Sabrina who was a really good friend and was my cheerleader.  She had only gotten 4 hours of sleep and still made it out to cheer me on.  So, got out to Pace Bend Park and got my transition area set up.  When I saw the short swim distance my anxiety calmed greatly.  The water level was low so they changed the entrance and exit, which I didnt realize was that big of a deal until I was finished with the swim.  

My wave didnt start until 832.  Sabrina and I watched the waves before me take off close to the swim entrance.  I was dreading getting in the water because I was barefoot and hate to walk on gross surfaces.  I had to meander down a rocky hill barefoot when it was time for my wave to start.  As soon as I stepped in the water I knew it wasnt going to be good.  It was a mushy claylike nastiness and we had to walk on it for a while.  When we were finally in the water about waist deep it wasnt as bad.  The countdown started and I was off...sorta.  I swam freestyle like a normal person (head under water) for a while.  Then the anxiety and freaking out started.  Of course I couldnt see through the murky water, and I kept feeling bodies around me.  I felt like my breathing was constricted because I was freaking out so much and I ended up swimming Tarzan for probably 450 of the 500 meter swim.  

Official swim time: 14:46

I was so glad to be done with the swim.  They had little foot baths out to wash our nasty feet off in, but by the time I was finished with the swim the pool water was already as nasty as the lake.  I saw Sabrina and she didnt see me run up the little hill and I yelled at her...she was like I was looking for you.  I said something like "I was the one swimming Tarzan the whole time".  So, slip on my flip flops and had to run 0.2 miles to transition...wtf?!  This is what I mentioned earlier about it being a big deal.  I tried to run but I am sliding all over my flip flops and I didnt think it would be wise to chance twisting my ankle on a rock so I hurried as fast as I could.  Finally get to my bike and get my helmet, gloves, and cycling shoes on as fast as possible.  I then run my bike to the mount line which involves running up a little rocky hill.

Official transition 1 time:  6:09

Finally on my bike...thought it would be a piece of cake.  Not so much.  The course was shortened from 15 to 14.6 miles due to some trees down on the course or something.  We have to do 2 loops and the first loop seemed to take forever.  Lots of hills...not too bad, but lots of em.  I finally finish the first loop and coast through the second  somehow.  I finally see the spectators and hear Sabrina yelling at me to run after I reach the dismount line...now have to run down a rocky hill.  

Official bike time:  1:00:07

Now time for the run.  I realized that I did not even drink one full water bottle on the bike so I opened my G2 and drank as much as I could and then hurried into my running shoes.  I ran as fast as I could out of transition.

Official transition 2 time:  2:43

Little did I know that the run was a full out trail run.  Lots of rocks and a lot of instability on the trails.  It almost looked like a maze through a wooded area.  I saw girls winding all the way through the woods and it seemed never ending.  My ankle was hurting a little so I took it easy.  I ran as much as I could and then would walk a little and repeat.  There were several places where there was loose gravel and then patches of grass so it wasnt easy to run on and I didnt want to twist my ankle doing my practice tri.  I pass the 2 mile marker..not sure what happend to the 1 mile.  I was nearing 1h45m and my goal time going into the tri was 1h30m.  I tried to pick up my pace.  Before I knew it the finish line was in sight so I kept my pace up until I went through.

Official run time:   38:38

Official time:  2:02:25 (276/445)

Like I said, I didn't show up.  I am still trying to tell myself that I was sick...and actually still not up to par.  The average time was 1:57:00 so I did just below average...but still!  It is just making me doubt myself on whether I should even attempt the Austin Tri in less than a week.

After I was FINALLY finished Sabrina and I got some free food and a mimosa that was maybe 2% champagne.  Then went into transition to get all of my stuff together and headed home.  

I ate, hydrated, slept, ate, hydrated and slept again.  Then I had to go to Alamo Drafthouse with a friend that wanted to take me out for my birthday and I havent been able to get together with him.  We saw The Rocker and I ate and drank some more.  I finally got home at a little before 10 and I still had to pack for my week trip to Philly and get back to sleep because my flight was at 625am.  

Got to the airport and of course I am pushing my luck.  I got in line at security checkpoint at about 545.  I know that my flights boarding time was 550 so I figured my boss was freaking out since I wasnt there yet.  After I got in line I decided to check my flights status...delayed til 1030.  Great!  I got through security and hurried to the gate to see what the plan of action was, but saw my boss getting coffee way before our gate.  I waited for her to come out with her coffee and then I made a comment about how we were delayed and she asked if I got on the Houston flight (we did have our layover in Cleveland originally).  I told her I had just gotten to the airport so we hurry down to the gate and talk to the attendant to get me on the Houston flight which would leave at 730.  He does his thing and hands me my boarding passes and tells me that I am on stand-by for both flights.  WTF?!  Now I am hoping I make these flights because if not my boss will probably be pissed I didnt get to the airport any earlier.  I miraculously get on the flight to Houston.

In Houston we have a couple hours and I checked to make sure that I was able to get to Philly and everything is a-okay.

We finally got here at 230 when we were supposed to have gotten in at 1230.  By the time my boss got her luggage and we picked up the rental car we still had a 40 minute drive into our office.  We didnt get to the office until after 3.  We were there long enough to see the state of catastrophe that everything was in and tried to develop a plan of action for the day.  We left the office sometime after 6 and headed to the mall for dinner.  Don't know why the mall, but hey...I just go along aimlessly and let others make plans for me.  The mall was in King of Prussia and probably the largest mall I have ever seen.  We ended up eating at the food court and it was unlike any food court I have ever encountered.  There were individual restaurants instead of the normal little restaurants along the side and a lot of tables in the middle.

I finally got back to my room at 830 or 9 and was too tired to do anything that I had planned to do.  I at least wanted to go for a run, but no such luck.  

Today I had planned on getting up at 5am to run or swim, but was still too tired from the last couple of days.  I felt like crap this morning and almost as bad as I felt Saturday morning so I wasnt in the best mood.  I reset my alarm for 630 and finally crawled out of bed at 640.  I was supposed to meet Susan for breakfast at 715 so I had to hurry.  I walked out of my room at 716 and saw her car in front of our building so I assumed she had not made it down yet, but she was getting coffee when I walked into the clubhouse.

The day at the office was long and stressful, and to tell you the truth I am using this time therapeutically because I am really needing some unwinding before bed.  We got in at 8, had a short lunch (we bought lunch at the grocery store on the way into the office), and left at 615.  I wasnt in the best mood because it looked like I wasnt going to be getting in my workout.  I found out that Valley Forge National Park was pretty close to the hotel and that there were lots of running trails so that was my plan.  Susan asked if I would rather run and eat or eat and then run and I told her I was up for whatever but planned on running at least an hour.  She decides we will eat first because she had to get some reports done before Friday.  I wasnt very pleased with the plan but I didnt want to make her wait until 8 to eat. By the time we ate and I got back to my room and changed into my running clothes it was 730.  I figured I could still get in an hour because it wouldnt be too dark by 830.  I ran toward the park and didnt realize how far away it was.  I had decided that since I wasnt exactly sure how to get there I was just going to run out 30 minutes and then run back.  By the time I reached the park it was pretty much time to come back.  I reached a sign that said that George Washingtons headquarters was 2 miles away, and ran a litte further up and finally turned around.  There were deer grazing within 10 feet of me and they werent phased at all by my running.  The way back to the hotel my pace was a lot faster.  I had 15 minutes of running to spare and I wanted to stop at a grocery store on the way back so I could get some H20 and a few other things.  I ran around the parking lot for what seemed like forever and then finally got into the store.  I mapped my route on mapmyrun.com and I did a little over 5 miles, which I am somewhat pleased with since I was walking a lot on the way there because I wasnt sure which direction to go.      I am planning on getting up in the am to do something, just not sure what.  I might just go down to the workout room and have myself a little spin class.

I am so ready to get back to Austin.  Right now we are basically cleaning up what someone did last week.  We have a certain filing system that has to be used according to our SOP.  This study does not have the files set up hardly at all and what little is set up is not even close to being correct.  There is going to be an audit soon so we have to get everything in order before that takes place.  Its getting to be really frustrating and I still have 2 days left.  Friday we will just be traveling all day.  We will be leaving our hotel at 830 Friday morning and wont get back to Austin until close to 5.  I am hoping that we arent delayed anywhere because delays always suck, but mostly because 2 of my bestest OKC friends (Missy and Sarah) are coming for labor day weekend.  Probably another reason why this week is dragging.  

Well, again...long post, but I needed this one.  Now I might be able to sleep.  God knows I need it, especially if I plan on waking up early in am.

Yesterday I pretty much felt like crap all day, but I followed through with most of my after work plans.  I didnt make it to the gym in time for core class so I just did abs on my own and worked on the weight machines.  I had about 10 minutes to spare so ran on the treadmill for a little bit.  Spin class pretty much killed me.  The instructor loves hills and kept us in zone 4 for most of the class.  By the time I was done I was just ready to get home so no swimming for me...plus I felt like my brain was dripping out of my nose (I know, doesnt sound very appetizing).  

On my way home from the gym this jerk passes me on the left but the lane was ending and he decides to just whip right in front of me...he passes in front of other people and then some how gets right back in front of me and decides to slow down and I almost hit him.  If you know me, you know that I have major road rage.  I got right up on his butt whipped out in front of the car beside me so I was next to him and blared my horn and flipped him off...we get to a stop light and he should have been a few cars in front of me, but he stops so he will be stopped right next to me.  I thought that he was going to be some stupid teenager, but it was an old man.  He proceeds to say "You were going kinda slow" and then starts to move up...I yell back as loud as I can "And you are kinda an asshole".  So, he doesnt get over this whole encounter.  I am going to either Target or Wal Mart and couldnt decide which one so I go towards Target...he follows me.  He is a couple lanes over from me and I decide to turn back to go to Wal Mart...follows me again.  He proceeded to follow me into the freakin Wal Mart parking lot.  I just knew I was going to come out and my windshield would be busted in or something, but he must have realized I was over it and just left.  So, conclusion to the story...maybe I will try to tone down my aggressive driving and avoid being shot in the future.

When I got home I started hydrating and then pretty much was in bed by 9.  I woke up several times during the night because I was burning up and drenched with sweat.  I felt like crap when I woke up this morning and was very light sensitive.  My sinuses felt like someone was ripping them out and my throat was dry and scratchy.  Above all else I just felt run down and just like plain hammered crap.  I decided to rest for the day and not go into work...especially since nobody has had projects for me this week and my boss was out so she wouldnt have anything for me either.  Since this was the first sick day for me I wasnt sure the normal procedure, but I emailed my boss and the receptionist letting them know I would be out but if anybody needed me they could reach me at home.  My doctor's office has a website where you can request an appointment same day or a future appt so I got on at like 630 and requested a same day.  I got an email around 8 saying that I had an appt scheduled for 315.  I went back to bed and woke up around 1.  I had to shower and run a couple errands before going to the doc.  I ran by the office before the doctor so I could complete my leave info and my timesheet and get my laptop so I wouldnt have to this weekend.  

Verdict from the doctor: viral infection and URI.  I get URI's so frequently...it really makes me mad.  I should know by now that if I feel like this and cant breathe it is more than likely a URI.  He gave me almost all the meds that I need and said that I should be better around the end of the weekend.  I have to take Clarinex and Nasonex once a day (which he gave me) and Mucinex D.  He said if I'm not better by the end of next week it has probably turned into something bacterial and I will need an antibiotic.  SO...not sure if I will be able to do Sweet and Twisted on Sunday, but crossing fingers.  I am supposed to swim 1 mile and ride for 25 tomorrow, but if I still feel like crap I'm not.  I think that a big part of me getting sick is because I am exhausted and need to just rest.  Lesson learned I guess.  So, looks like I will be sleeping through a greater part of the weekend.

I woke up at 4 yesterday to make it to the office by 530.  For whatever reason the girl that I was riding with thought we needed to leave that early in order to get to San Antonio by 730...this is the second time that I have had to go with her to San Antonio and both times we were ridiculously early.  She doesn't roll like me by showing up fashionably "on time".  We were in the vicinity of the site by 7 so we stopped at a coffee shop and I was in major need so I was really glad that we were early.  We were back at the office by 11 and I felt like I should be able to leave at 130 because that would be an 8 hour day.  Around 230 my boss left and I overheard her telling the co-worker to go home on her way out the door...so I finish up what I was doing and leave a little before 3 and fit in a 2 hour nap before I had to meet my group for the last group workout :-(

The last workout was fine, but sad...and only about 5 others showed up.  I know we have a lot on the injured list, but there should have been at least 10 more.  We discussed having a group happy hour the Wednesday after Austin Tri...thanks to me and another girl in the group.  I was the only olympic distancer last night so I had to do the workout on my own...which kinda sucked.  I had to warm up 20 minutes on South Mopac and then do 5 minutes faster than race pace X 6 with 1 minute recovery in between.  Thought it went well for the most part.  Its hard for me to go strong for a full 5 minutes straight because I will either hit an incline or my body just gives out because I start out way too strong.  When I came in from my bike everybody was either finishing up on their run or just starting.  I hurry and put my bike in my car so that I can get out there and coach Liz stops by to ask how my workout was, etc.  She said she would be heading out when she finished her run since I had a 15 minute run in front of me.  I did my 15 minute run and headed home.

Last night I planned my workout schedule for today.  Run 40 minutes in am, core class at 530, spinning at 615, and swimming for an hour after done with spin class.  I actually woke up this morning to do my run.  I set my alarm for 6, but didnt get up til about 630.  I felt like crap when I woke up, but knew that I had to do the run.  I think its just my allergies...sore throat and sinus blah.  I left my apartment for my run at 647 and knew I needed to be back by 730 regardless so that I could get ready for work.  I ran in the neighborhood behind my apartment complex and decided to cut off a mile since I was running a dragging slow pace and then I got to another point where I thought I could cut off 1/2 a mile and somehow got lost and did probably an extra mile.  I didnt get back to my apartment til about 745 and had to hurry and get ready for work.  I got to work at the normal time.  

I am hoping to stay with my schedule for this evening, but right now I feel like my sinuses could spontaneously explode.  Hopefully it is short lived because I cant afford for it to worsen right now.  On Saturday my schedule is pretty hefty...swim 1 mile and ride 24.